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Ali Pajoohesgar is an Iranian American versatile and talented Oud (barbat) Player, Song Writer, Music Producer, Instructor, Story Teller, Rumi* scholar and Educator.  He was born and raised in Iran and is currently residing in Los Angeles, California.  Ali started playing Oud since age of 11 and has earned a master degree in art and music from university of Tehran/Iran.  He has been instrumental in spreading, expanding and revolutionizing the influence of Oud in Iranian art and music and is one of the most acclaimed Oud Player in the world. He was the founder and director of two music institutions in Iran, training hundreds of music scholars.  He was also the director of Iranian National Academy of Art and Music for many years and collaborated with numerous artists and renowned vocalists from Iran.  Over the years he has released many best-selling and critically acclaimed music albums in Iran and has been granted many awards and certificates of appreciation.  He has successfully toured the globe as a highly acclaimed Oud player with different orchestra and ensembles.

Ali is the founder and director of a non-profit organization “Rumi Academy” in Los Angeles, and Irvine and co-founder of House of Rumi in Phoenix, Arizona and a supporter of House of Rumi in Sacramento. These are non-religious, non-political, and not for profit organizations with the mission of promoting the culture of hope, happiness, universal love for humanity, based on Rumi’s philosophy and teaching.  Over 3-4 thousand scholars attend his weekly classes each year.  Ali has also been engaged in life coaching activities, touching, transforming, and improving the quality of lives of many.

Ali is notable for his work in translating Rumi poems and philosophy into music and memorable songs that are performed by his students and Rumi scholars in his weekly classes and thousands of followers and vocal groups all over Iran, California, and Arizona to name a few.  He has composed over 100 songs published on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.  He has over a million followers in different social medias and in Iran.

He has composed, directed, and played three popular concerts in Barclay theater, Disney Hall, and University of Irvine in California, based on Rumi’s most famous stories and songs; pir e Changi, Shams and Molana, and rooz e Baran. Thousands attended his highly successful concerts.  He is planning to orchestrate at least 2-3 concerts a year, in order to promote Iranian music, poetry, and culture.

Ali was also the producer and organizer of Morvaridhaye Molana/Rumi (pearl of Molana/Rumi) festival, based on 70 selected poems that are fundamentals of Rumi’s thought and practice; advocating love, compassion, tolerance, respect, acceptance of others in their otherness; and interfaith dialogues. A thousand song writer, composer, singer, and narrator attended this international online festival, and monetary prizes were awarded to the first 30 outstanding music compositions to promote hope and happiness during Corona pandemic.

Ali and his vocalist group selected from his classes have been very much engaged in promoting and supporting the Iranian art, culture, and music by attending and performing in at least seven cultural events, in this year (2023) alone, for the Persian New Year/Nowruz in different cities in southern California.  He was recognized, acknowledged, and granted certificate of appreciation for his efforts, by the mayors and state officials of these cities.  He has also collaborated with cultural organizations like NIPOC, OCIACC, Iranian American Association, Hope for Cancer, and global village festival in Southern California and has been instrumental for advocating Iranian culture in a variety of festivities.

Ali and many of his volunteer scholars in Rumi Academy have been actively engaged in supporting the Iranian artists and musicians either by helping them to find employments or assisting with their financial needs.

*Rumi (Molana) is the renowned 13th century Iranian poet, Sufi Mystic, and philosopher, famous for his lyrics and his didactic epic Masnavi Manavi (spiritual couplets).